First Date Conversation Tips: The Key To A Second Date

There are many First Date FAQs all over cyberspace. Dating experts suggest that it is important for both men and women to be prepared when asked about the first date. Below are some of the top first date conversation tips that you should always remember to make the most out of your first encounter with the person who will eventually become your partner.

First Date Conversation Tips

So you all set your first date, you have your list or idea of the perfect girl, have picked a couple of different dating sites to put your profile on and now you are ready to send and receive messages. But what do you say and how do you respond to questions that are asked of you? What questions are the right ones to ask the person(s) you are interested in? Make sure you have this all figured out beforehand so that you are not getting too personal too soon, or not asking the right questions and wasting your time in the end. So here are some first date conversation tips that will surely lead to a second date.

First, you should be in good communication form before you even leave your house.

It is best if you have at least a thirty-minute phone call list on your cell phone, or you can check your email every day. If you don’t have this luxury, it would be advisable to talk on the phone with your date a few minutes beforehand. Through that conversation, you will get to know if the date is going well or not.

Second, observe proper courtesy on the first date.

If you don’t speak much, you should still greet your date with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek. This is the proper way to show respect and make her feel welcomed. You also have to learn how to say “Thank you” in different situations. If you want to get the best results from these First Date Tips and Tricks, you need to practice saying these phrases to your date.

Third, don’t bring any gifts.

Some men think that a gift will impress a woman and may make her happy. On the other hand, you don’t want to ruin the mood of the date by bringing an unwanted gift. So either bring something useful to share or avoid bringing any gifts at all.

Fourth, don’t bring any unnecessary stuff.

You don’t want your date to feel embarrassed because of the things that you have with you. You can either leave your wallet at home or leave her gifts at home. Don’t buy her expensive jewelry, clothes, perfume, or other such unnecessary items.


Fifth, remember that compliments are nice, but they do not have to be sincere.

You may be saying to her, “Your hair is really pretty,” but she may reply to you, “Oh, it’s just my favorite color.” Don’t take offense. In fact, giving compliments is the first of the first date tips and tricks. You may not like the latter answer, but at least you are showing her that you also know how to appreciate things that other people find attractive.

Sixth, avoid drinking too much alcohol on the first date.

Remember that the purpose of a first date is not to get drunk and ruin the mood of the date. Do you know how things can go when you get drunk? This will only ruin your chances of getting her back on the first date.

Seventh, be yourself and don’t try to be someone that you’re not.

There are plenty of women out there who are not shy at all, so if you feel that you need to be outgoing and bold, then, by all means, do it. But on the first date, be yourself and focus on having fun, building a friendship between the two of you, and then you can let that friendship grow into a romantic relationship if you so choose to do so.

Eighth, do leave her wanting for more.

You know what they say about first impressions, isn’t that true? So, you want to make sure that she gets that first date she has been waiting for so long. Leave her wanting for more because that is one surefire way to get her back for good!

Last but not least, know how to pace yourself correctly.

If you overdo things on the first date or don’t show up at all, she might think you are moving slowly or are afraid of commitment. She may even think that you’ve moved on. The first date is meant to be a casual introduction to you both, so don’t do anything too exciting or rush. Let her set the pace for the relationship. Pace yourself, too!

These are great, first date conversation tips, ideas and suggestions. Use them as your guide, but be sure to add your style and personality to them. Just remember that first impressions mean everything! If you two can get right down to business, you will have a great date, and she will be very impressed with you both. Good luck and have a fantastic first date!