Twelve Commandments That You Must Know On How To Seduce A Woman On Your First Date

So you are wondering what you should be having during your first date. You have met the girl, you have done your assignments, and you got that long-awaited yes for a date. But the problem is you don’t know how to seduce a woman on your first date.

The problem is you don’t know what’s next. And the more the time is nearing, you are becoming fuzzy, you are becoming nervous, you feel ecstatic, but the truth is your feeling FINE! You are freaking out, insecurities are all over the place, your jittery like a neurotic, and you’re becoming emotional. You’re having the breakdown of your life! 

Good thing we have asked our experts about the things you must have before that date! Read along and prepare yourself. We assure you that you will feel better and much more confident on that date of yours after reading this.


1. Dress to express, not to impress

Of course, it’s all about having a first impression that lasts, but what if you cant maintain that excellent impression you are showing during your date? SO dress to express yourself. 

Be natural. Choose what makes you look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Seduce a woman with your natural looks. What you wear should just augment your masculinity.

You could ask your date what she would be wearing so you can look for a match. It is one of the tips in seducing women. A matching dress makes you publicly look like a couple already. There is the presence of exclusivity as well.

First dates should be more of opening up rather than going down that path already. Express yourself through what you wear, and that is the first step toward female seduction.

2. Spontaneity is king!

Women don’t want a boring conversation. They want humor, and they want words that tickle their ears. Crack a joke, make her laugh, be proactive. 

No dates should be boring. If you know how to seduce a woman with words, go ahead and make that move. Make the first move of opening up a conversation. Gone are the days that men are the stereotypes of quietness, masculinity, of boringness. 

One can seduce a woman by being proactive and attentive. Let her feel you into her, and you want her.

Choose a topic that can lead to a spontaneous conversation. One of the tips in seduction is to let your date speak up as well. Since communication is two-way, make your date open up by opening yourself.

After all, words fuel spontaneity. 


3. Listening is queen

After a round of conversations about you, and you led her to open up to you. Make that warm, fuzzy feeling stay by listening. 

Actively listening is a way to woman seduction, and it’s not that hard; make eye contact when necessary, lean towards her when she’s in front of you, allowing yourself in the zone for actual listening. 

Listening is a female seduction secret. The more you listen, the more it is easier to seduce a woman is. Women love attention; the more attentive you are, the better. 

Learn her language cues as well and comment on her stories. A simple nod, a smile, a frown, or a facial expression can mean a lot to your conversation.

If you are beside her, lean towards her more or face her entirely. Women do love to listen to. If necessary, smile if you have to (significantly if she drops the joke bomb) and pay attention. Make her feel she’s special by listening. It may be awkward, but that’s how it is!

4. Observe your and her body language

During conversations, be mindful of your body language. If you’re in a funny tone, it should show. If you’re telling a sad story about something, it should show. And if you’re saying you’re deep into your date, show it!

One tip, when you seduce any woman, mimic her body language. If she’s leaning forward, lean forward if she’s leaning to the left, lean on the side that mimics her position. 

You want them to feel that you are on the same vibration. A woman builds trust if you have a connection to them. A simple gesture of mimicking is one of the tips on how to seduce a woman without words.

Don’t make unnecessary jittery movements. Do not show you are nervous. It is ok to be scared but calm yourself and be natural. It is your first date, if and you want to create a bond with her. 

5. Look into her eyes.

As cliche as it sounds, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Make necessary eye contact if you have to. 

Looking in the direction of your date sets up a mood that you are interested in her, that she’s worth your time, and she’s someone special. 

One tip is you look at the point between her eyes and just above the nose bridge. This action will not make you feel nervous but is enough to look at her eyes to make that connection.

Eye contact is one of the ways on how to seduce a woman. Since women are trusting creatures, you want to build that up with eye contact. 

The way you respond to her look by looking back is seductive enough to put her trust in you.

6. Drink to loosen up

Set the mood, get a drink for you and her, and balance enough to set the two of you on your date. 

Drink to loosen up and to warm yourself and hers as well. In seducing a woman, show her that you can handle your alcohol well. Don’t get drunk, but build the mood.

Match your drink to the place and ambiance. If it’s a tad private, wines do get along well. Party drinks should be reserve for clubs and dance floor areas. Coffee is a good nightcap. Again the point of drinking is not to get drunk but to build a connection. 

7. Be fierce and fearless!

Female seduction is all about being in control. Show your manly side, be fierce on your approach but gentle at the same time. 

Be fearless. Show you can handle anything as well. Seducing a girl is like holding fire. Know when it’s hot and when you’re about to get burned. Balance that—that and what you will get is a woman seduced.

8. Look and smell fresh.

If you want to seduce women instantly, be the man they wanted to be: fresh, crisp, and clean. Women are natural hygienists; they adore cleanliness and freshness. They do not want their date to smell and look like a cave dweller.

On your first date, wear a mild scent. You cannot simply seduce a girl by an overpowering smell, and it will take more than that. Don’t forget to freshen up as well when you are in your date area. The reapplication of scents goes a long way in seducing women.

Invest in your grooming. Have a nice haircut or your beard trimmed before your date. You may wear the most expensive and best-looking clothes, but it will not work if you look like a slob and smell like trash.

9. Slowly and surely still works.

If your first date is someone you wanted to have a long-term relationship with, consider things. Move slowly but surely, do not rush things. Let all fall into its place. Enjoy the moment and have her fall unto you. 

Do not rush on a quick kiss, nor put your hands on her shoulder. Let her do that for you; that is how to seduce a lady. No woman who is into long term relationship has a one-night stand on the first date. 

10. Chivalry is a plus

Be that gentleman your date wanted to be. One of the best seducing tips that still works is chivalry. Woman wants to be queens, like a damsel in distress, treat them like one. Be their knight in shining armor and be their king. 

Being a gentleman nowadays is still a plus to women. Generally, they want the feeling of safety and security. Show it to her during your date, and your one step closer to having the woman of your dreams seduced.

Show her that you may be fierce and fearless, but you are as gentle as a dove when you are around her. Seduce any girl with your gentleness. 

11. Preparation is key

Confidence is different from being a know-it-all and a fine line away from being cocky. Confidence is the ability to set the mood accordingly with enough knowledge, especially on your date.

If this is your first date, prepare a week before or at minimum days before. Know the place, know the menu, befriend the waiter/waitress, or get a reservation. Preparation is a secret seduction tip. Women love men who know to prepare. 

Have backups as well. It is not wrong to over-prepare things during your first date. You can never go wrong with it. 

You can pencil book two restaurants and appear on just one. Have an extra handkerchief ready in your pocket. Preparation is seductive. And the more women know how well prepared you are, the more they will fall for you.

12. Adjust and feel the mood

The mood is everything on your first date. You cannot seduce a woman if your that man who can’t read the ambiance.

If you want a heart-to-heart talk, get a reservation in a secluded restaurant or one with enough privacy. You and your date are the active types, hit the club with a dance floor. 

If you’re the one who seduces women with books, a date in a local library café is just fine. It’s how you read the mood that matters. 

Since building up the mood is important, be ready with anything-under-the-sun topics. Things you can chitchat in between. There should be no dead moment or air, just like in a radio. Women don’t want quiet moments, and you don’t like that as well. 

Learn when just to enjoy the ambiance as well. If you run out of topic, enjoy your drinks or your food in between. 


Be comfortable on your first date and let your date get the same feeling as well. Many things may go haywire during your first date; relax.

You could go for a stroll before your date, and you can chitchat while strolling or have a nighttime walk and some nightcap after the date. Relaxation is one of the tips in seduction. You cant go endgame if both of you feel—that too much tension with each other. Breathe!

13th commandment: Stay enigmatic

If you have read along up to here, our experts prepared the 13th commandment. Amidst all your preparations, retain some mystery, refrain some information for your next date. 

Mysteries seduce women. They love their curiosity piqued and intrigued. You want to be as open as possible to her, but you may reserve some for some other dates in the future. As the cliche goes, curiosity kills the cat. For this instance, curiosity seduces the girl,

Don’t put all your aces on the table. Make her crave you more, make her want you more by keeping some things to look forward to. 

And if you do get the opportunity to have that second round of date. Still, keep your enigmatic self-present as always.

Being enigmatic is just part of your manliness. 

The bottom line

One of the best ways to seduce a woman is to be the man of their dreams. On your first date, dress accordingly, listen to her, and watch your body language. 

Learn to have eye contact, for that builds trust. Be fierce and fearless at the same time. You may want to look and smell fresh, for many women, in particular, are hygienists. You may want to be enigmatic during your first date as well.

Remember to move with grace and gentleness. Feel the mood on your date and after your date. And the best way to seduce women is to prepare for everything.