Signs A Married Woman Is Attracted To You

If you’re like most men, you want to know the signs that a married woman is attracted to you. There are several common signs that men turn a woman on, but only one of them has any chance of turning into a reality. This is the sign that a woman is most attracted to you and will be incredibly hard for you to resist. So, let’s get started.


She is more willing to share her personal feelings with you.

If she’s confiding in you about her marital problems or emotional problems at home, she’s not just making her feelings known; she’s also trying to work through these issues. She wants to feel secure in your arms, and she wants to know that you genuinely care about her. If you’re constantly worried about her, it’s a clear sign that she feels the same way about you. She’ll love the fact that you’re concerned about her and that you’re genuinely concerned about her feelings.

Trust is another vital component of a relationship. You’ll have to be open and trusting of each other if you expect to make this happen quickly. If your woman isn’t willing to open up, it’s a big red flag that she may not be as open with you in the future. She may think that she can keep her emotions to herself and that you’ll just have to deal with it if you want her to be around more. She’ll act like that because she fears that you’ll reject her if you do find out she’s hurting.

Being available for her is one of the signs of a married woman is attracted to you.

She needs to feel like you are a priority in her life. However, if a woman is going to commit to someone, she needs to feel invested in her. It doesn’t matter how many kids she has or how busy her life is. If she’s investing in you, then you have priority status. She’ll be happy to see you and will want to make plans for the future with you.

She’ll get anxious when you two are alone together. If a married woman is attracted to you, she’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible. She’ll want to talk to you, catch up on things, and enjoy your company. If she spends time with you exclusively, she shows signs of a married woman attracted to you.

She’ll find ways to be discreet about her intentions.

A lot of men are intimidated by their intentions, and they act like it won’t matter. They assume that she’ll just be honest with them and that nothing will come of it. However, women take time to advance on a relationship like this. When a woman is feeling a strong connection with you, she’ll find ways to be discrete.

She’ll have a lot of great qualities to offer.

A woman can offer you lots of good qualities. If a married woman is attracted to you, she’ll already be filled with excitement and feeling in love with you. She’ll be excited to be with you and eager to learn more about you. She will already feel like you’re a great person and won’t feel as though you need to hurry into anything with her.

She’ll be sensitive to your needs.

Now think about those other signs. A married woman is attracted to you. Do they make you feel wanted and special? Or do they make you feel like you are the only person in the room? Do they keep you talking and laughing? These are all signs a married woman is attracted to you. She sees you as special and wants to make you feel that way too!

Some women do very well dating single guys. While others struggle with it or have trouble meeting someone somehow some women can date and never get over their single issue. This could be because of social issues or simply not being confident in yourself. Whatever it is, you need to make sure your woman has confidence in herself if you want her to be interested in you romantically.


A lot of times, a married woman will sit next to you in the plane or in the car while you drive. This isn’t because she’s trying to spy on you. This happens because she loves you. She adores you! If she sits next to you, she’s showing signs married women is attracted to you by noticing how drawn into you she is.

Women feel a lot more appreciated and loved when they are given special attention. Married women also appreciate a man who makes their life easier in some way or another. If you notice any of the signs of a married woman is attracted to you, pay closer attention!