These Tips In Sending Text Messages Will Make Her Want You

Finding what to text a girl to make her want you are what you should say before you begin your texting relationship. The texting relationship is built on trust, and once you have broken this trust in your relationship, the text can come back to haunt you. When you are thinking about what to text a girl to make her want, you examples of what to text a girl to make her want you to come to your senses. These examples of what to text a girl to make her want you will take away the mystery from the texting game. Once you know what to text a girl to make her want, you need to go out and make sure that she likes what you text her, even if it is short.

To text a girl to make her want you by telling her what you like in a person is easy to do if you are used to it. You have probably been telling her you loved her since you were young. Tell her you like her when you talk on the phone or talk on the internet. To text a girl to make her want, you are just letting her know that you can take her everywhere you want to go. This may make her think that you could be taken anywhere you want anytime you wanted, so she should be extra cautious around you. If you’re not sure how to approach the subject and get some results from your texting adventures, you need some tips. Here are some ways of what to text a girl to make her want you:

Be Yourself

The next tip you will need to know what to text a girl to make her want you is to be yourself and not try to be someone you are not. This is easier said than done because we all want our little secret about ourselves to be a secret, but you have to do it. Suppose you are a guy who is scared to let a girl know what you like, then you better tell her. She is not going to want to date a guy who is too shy to say what he likes. Also, you can easily attract a girl if you are a guy who knows how to make himself look good. All you need to do is put on a great show and act confident.

Instant Messaging

Another great thing to attract girls is to send them instant messages. Instant messaging is the new way to text a girl because it allows you to make a quick connection with her. This is also a great way to get to know her because when you send her an instant message, she has to reply to you within minutes, or you will lose her as a potential mate. You can also send her pictures to show her what you look like or what you like to do. This will show her that you are a real person and have interests outside of the relationship.

Prepare your list of topics

It would be best if you also learned what to text a girl to make her want you by knowing what to talk about when you are texting her. One of the best things to talk about is the weather because most girls love to talk about the weather. If you are on a date and it is raining you should talk about the weather and what you will be doing on your date. Or If it is sunny and bright, then you should talk about what you did for the day. If it is windy and rainy, then talk about what you are going to be doing for the rest of the day.


Start building your confidence

If you want to learn what to text a girl to make her want you, you should start building your confidence. The more confidence you build, the more attractive you will become. When you are talking to a girl, you need to use confidence to get the best results. You can build your confidence through various ways such as reading a book, watching a movie and talking with friends. It may sound silly, but this actually works in many cases.

Ask her out on a date


Another good idea that has worked for many people is to ask a girl out on a date. You should go out on at least two dates before you even think about trying to text a girl. If you don’t get a reply, then you should start again until you get an answer. When you finally get an answer from a girl, you should already know what to text a girl to make her want you.

Be unpredictable

You want to put her at ease. By being unpredictable, you’ll keep her guessing. She wants to know that you’re not going to be too predictable because otherwise, she might get bored of you. So make sure you change your routine and even your outfit depending on what you’re doing.

Immediate sex appeal

Girls want to be with a man who can immediately provide them with sexual pleasure. So make sure you’re always in the mood and ready for action. Don’t be shy; show her how great you can be when it comes to sex.

Compliment her

Women love when they’re complimented, and they love getting the feeling that they are needed and desired. So, when you’re text messaging a girl, don’t be afraid to compliment her and tell her how pretty she looks or how sexy she looks. Plus, it’s a lot more enjoyable for her if she knows she is attracted to you and that you find her beautiful.

Be direct

This is one of the most important messages you have to learn when you’re learning what to text a girl to make her want you. It would help if you were direct so there is no doubt about it. If she wants to stay with you, she will want to hang out with you and see you too. So send her messages that make it clear that you want to hang out together.

Talk about her likes, interests, and hobbies


Girls like guys interested in their hobbies, likes and dislikes, and anything else that might be of interest to them. So even if you don’t talk to her at length about these subjects, talk at least a little bit about them. And make sure you do have an actual interest in whatever it is she talking about.

Be intriguing

A girl wants to be intrigued when it comes to a guy she is interested in. She wants to feel that something is interesting about this guy that she can’t easily get to know because he is so quiet. So, when you are texting, your what to text a girl to make her want you. Try to be a little more intriguing than what you might be with your friends.

Use the new language.

There are new ways that girls talk online now, and the best way to text a girl to make her want you is to learn how to use the new language. Girls like it when guys use new words and phrases to impress them.

Start slow.

You don’t want to come across as needy when you are texting a girl you really want to be with. But if you want to show her that you are not that kind of guy, then start with what to text a girl to make her want you. Don’t try any hard to sell yourself too soon.

Don’t even try to tell her that you love her

Just take it easy and say things like, “I am just thinking about you.” This will tease her and make her think that she has caught your attention. This can turn the tables on the girl and make her chase after you instead.

Take it easy when you are talking to her

Many guys think they have to come out with phrases such as “WOW!” when they want to start a conversation with a girl. This is just one of the big mistakes that guys make when they are thinking about what to text a girl to make her want you.

Just remember that she is not stupid.


Most girls get tired fast, and they will probably close their eyes for a few moments. You don’t have to overdo this, though, or you might scare her off. Just be sure that you are still yourself when you are talking to her and that she can sense that. If she senses that you are trying too hard to text a girl to make her want you, she may just get the hint and leave you because you don’t know who you are.