What Do Women Want From You? 

Women are dubbed as intricate, and hard-to-understand creatures that men have to decode. We’ve seen the movies and TV shows. Moreover, we’ve read the books and the short stories and they all tell us the same thing. You just have to woo her and then you’ll get her.  

It’s easy to woo a woman as it’s almost innate to all women to want to be taken care of. It’s simple, really. Women want to be needed. From small things like spending quality time together to being given a mind-blowing orgasm, what women want, women get.  

Here’s where women being intricate falls: what women want, we don’t tell you. It’s a mind game that women play to see if the man trying to pursue her is a man that is consistent and simply knows his way around women and their needs. A mind game that needs a smart player with the right tools in hand. 

How to become that player? 

Here’s a list of things that your woman (whether she’s your wife, girlfriend or whatchamacallit) wants but will never tell you. 

Surprise her with a great date 

Nothing screams “I want to spend time with you” like taking her out on a date.  

Plan this date early and go all out on the food you bring in your picnic basket. Pick out a good bottle of wine, some good cheese and cold cuts and put it in an air-tight container that would surely keep them fresh and pristine.  

Keep the conversation light and flowing. Surely with the wine in your system, that won’t be a problem.  

A lot of women just want to be taken out on a great date from time to time. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. The most important thing happening on a date is the connection that you’re building with her! 


Be spontaneous 

The best memories we have are of those that were never planned. Things that happened in the spur of the moment are those that leave a mark.  

An adventure or two out of the blue never hurt anybody. In fact, leaving and taking a break from your daily routines are healthy and much needed for the soul.  

You could go out for a long drive even if it’s just going around in circles in the city. Or you could look for a secret little spot to drive to and just watch as the trees dance with the wind and the birds sing their melodies.  

Your girl needs a break too, and she’ll never tell you that she wants a spontaneous trip someplace because it ruins the spontaneity of it all! It doesn’t have to be far away. This doesn’t even have to be somewhere you drive to. It could be a spontaneous night making forts in the living room with blankets and pillows, or a fairy-light lit dinner at the back yard with take-out.  

Spontaintety makes things more exciting. Keep her on her toes. 


Try new things in the bedroom 

Speaking of her toes, when was the last time you made them curl involuntarily, if you know what i mean? 

Sex is one of many things that make a relationship. How you make love or do it with her plays a vital role in her happiness with you. If you’re reading this and doubting if she’s ever faked it with you, chances are she has and just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. 

Repetitive routines get boring over time, and the same thing goes for how you go through things when you have sex.  

Spice things up by incorporating sex toys into the mix. There’s nothing wrong with getting help from a little friend. Some women don’t reach orgasm through penetration alone and need other forms of stimulation to reach the big O.  

But, if you’re intimidated by sex toys, that’s no problem. You could always refer to the Kamasutra for new positions to try out in bed that would benefit both of you. The book features illustrations and explanations to many positions that couples could try out in bed that range from very simple positions like Missionary and Doggy to intriguing positions like the Seated Ball to the Balancing Act. 

Lingerie, period. 

Letting your woman know you value her sexiness is something that not a lot of men show or know they have to do. Sadly, this is something that women really want from men and don’t necessarily talk about. 

Women buy lingerie to feel sexy for themselves and for their man (or woman). On the other hand, men buy lingerie for their women to take it off after seeing her wear and parade it around! The act of buying her lingerie is a way of showing her that you find her sexy and want to keep things sexy and playful with her. 

Give her classic lacey lingerie for the more usable and practical undergarments. If you’re feeling frisky, you could always opt for crotchless underwear for easy access anytime, anywhere. 

Cook for her 

Planning and cooking meals on a day to day basis can be very taxing for the ladies. This is the grey area of women wanting to feel needed and women wanting to be taken care of.  

A saying that goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” can also be used for women. Obviously, food is a necessity in life. Preparing food for two on a daily basis can be mentatlly and physically taxing because of the amount of time and effort some dishes need for preparation and cooking.  

The notion that women belong in the kitchen was left in the new millennia, thus that argument being deemed unfit to be used as an excuse to not know how to cook. Bring out those pots and pans and whip up a quick casserole or pasta dish for her! Show her how thankful you are for the effort she puts in putting a hot meal on the table every time you come home. 

And for those who don’t know how to cook, an interesting cookbook from former Formula One driver Roman Grosjean and his wife Marion entitled Cuisine et Confidences is a great book to look for simple and quick recipes to whip up for her. 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend 

 In the words of Beyonce Knowles-Carter, “if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it” 

Women were once girls who fantasized about their prince charming kneeling on one knee and pulling out a fabulous (and very shiny) ring and asking for her hand in marriage. But let’s be honest. These girls grew up to become women who know that they can pick their own prince charming and afford their own sparkly rings. 

Despite that fact, women still love a little bit of sparkle here and there. Before we hear wedding bells chiming, a bracelet or a pair of earrings can’t hurt. Women want to be adorned by their man, and will never admit that. Women are often times sentimental and would want to have something to remind them of their partners. 

What women want are very simple and can be broken down to 4 things: your time, your attention, your service and your love. Most times it’s never about the material things you can offer, it’s about what support you can offer to her. If she gets what she needs and wants, she takes it and reciprocates it. If she doesn’t get what she needs and wants, she walks away. After all, what women want, women get.