Where To Go On A First Date That You Will Both Enjoy

So you are planning where to go on a first date with someone you have met online. Then, you wants to know where to go on a first date. There are thousands of great first-date locations you could go to with the one you have. So, where do you begin? You could take the person to one of your favorite places that you have visited in the past. This is a great idea as it can give the two of you some insight into each other. Maybe even bring you some memories that you may not have thought about otherwise.

where to go on a first date

Go for a walk

This is such a straightforward first date idea, but most people avoid it. They believe they need to impress their date with something more complicated. That’s incorrect! Only the ideas that you articulate as your conversation progresses will impress your date. If you are an interesting person who has found a fun person to spend time with. You can rest assured that a stroll around town will suffice. Keep in mind that the goal is to leave your date wanting more. As a heads up, you may be tempted to bring up past relationships. Don’t do it. That’s not the way to move on from a breakup. Rather, focus on enjoying the company of a new person rather than dwelling on the past.


While touring the exhibits of a museum, you’ll never run out of interesting things to say. The setting will elevate your conversation above the normal first date banalities. A good art museum also exudes a certain elegance.


Picnics have a lot going for them in terms of attracting people. First, you show your skill and ingenuity in putting together the food you’ll bring (we’ve got tips for the perfect spread here), as well as in the location you choose to set up camp (showing you know an impressive location, especially one with a perfect view of the sunset, will score you big points — women admire a man with scout-like knowledge of terrain will score you big points — don’t go anywhere too secluded, though, because it will score you big points Second, nature is an unrivaled setting for a date, as it has been shown to evoke a wide range of positive emotions.

Have some drink

This is one of the safest first date ideas, and thus one of the most popular. Visit a jazz club or look for a bar that will teach you how to make new drinks to spice things up a little. You could still go out and get some bottled water.

Dinner Date

Going out to dinner may be one of the most common places to go on a date, but it also can be one of the most boring. However, if you want to show your date that you care, then going out to dinner is just the place to do it. You can either pick a restaurant where you know that the restaurant is great, or you can create your own game night where you all order the same thing at a restaurant. Just be sure that when you order, you all share the same dining experience and that none of you feels left out.

Watch some movies

Going to movies is another common place to go on a date. This can be very relaxing for both of you as you can talk about different movie stars and plots and discuss various topics that the two of you find interesting. However, you must make sure that you are picking a good movie. If you choose a too easy movie, then your date may not enjoy it as much as you would like him to. If you choose the wrong movie, then you will be forced to sit through the entire movie without ever getting to enjoy it.

A good way to find a good place to go on a first date is to look online. When you go online, you can find out where other singles are going and see what they enjoy doing there. This can help you make decisions as to where you might want to go on a date. Once you learn more about other singles, you may be able to find a common interest. You may have discovered that you can make each other’s life better, so you may want to spend more time together doing something that you find interesting.


It is also important that when you are looking for a place to go on a first date, you talk to the person you are interested in. If you cannot have an actual date with them, you should get a feel for how they are. This will help you determine if you want to meet them in person or if you would prefer to meet online first. Of course, you don’t want to choose an online place where to go on a first date if the person you are dating is someone you are not interested in. It will be very awkward, and it could end up ruining your chances of getting to know this person.

Finally, remember that there are plenty of places to go on a first date, so you are not limited to just one. It is never too early to start thinking of a place where to go on a date. However, do not worry too much about whether or not the place is good because ultimately, you will have to judge it yourself. Once you have decided on the place, try to make sure that you get as much information as possible about the other person so that you can better prepare yourself for a great date. In addition, if you can find out where they went to college, that will also help you determine if it is a place that you would like to go on a date.

If this does not appeal to you, then try places you have never been to before. The places listed here are just a few examples, so do not limit yourself to these. Places you have never been to maybe some of your best places to go to. So, where to go on a first date? These are just some of the places you could visit.